Casinos in Ohio: Promises Begin to Fade As Art Schlichter Highlights Dark Side of Gambling

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the promised revenue from casinos will be far less than originally promised as the number of seats at the four casinos has been reduced from almost 19,000 to just over 11,000. The expected revenue for Ohio is being reduced from $2 billion to anywhere between $1.2 and $1.6 billion. The Enquirer piece has great charts on the issue.

At the same time, the Columbus Dispatch has done an excellent job reporting on the apparent return to gambling for Art Schlicter. Though Schlichter hasn’t been charged yet, his relapse involved bilking senior Anita Barney and many of her friends out of hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of dollars. Ms. Barney was so despondent that she nearly took her own life at the grave of her husband.

The two news stories are poignant reminders that gambling offers false hope and contains a hell of a dark side. As a veteran of several trips to Las Vegas (love the food and the shows), I wish Ohioans would have let what happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas….

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