Is the Middle Class at Stake?

I’ve seen a lot of signs from protesters saying that Senate Bill 5 kills jobs and harms the middle class.  Even former Governor Strickland expressed these sentiments in an email he sent to his supporters encouraging them to “show up, stand up and let our voices be heard.”

Contrary to the rhetoric these folks are spouting, eliminating collective bargaining for public sector employees actually does the opposite.  It helps the middle class and protects our vulnerable populations.  As it currently stands when there is not enough money to pay for all government employees in the system, workers get laid off.  They lose their jobs.  If a collective bargaining agreement weren’t in place, jobs could be saved.  Everyone could take a small pay cut, and everyone would keep their jobs.  Furthermore, when government workers are laid off, services are necessarily cut.  Think about our schools where teachers are let go and programs are cut.  The students suffer and all because the unions won’t make concessions.  Contrary to what has been said, collective bargaining for government employees actually hurts the middle class.

Even the Columbus Dispatch says this notion that eliminating collective bargaining for public sector employees is an attack on the middle class is “a flat contradiction of reality.”  For the Dispatch’s take on the situation, read today’s editorial False Claim.

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