A Common Sense Law

With all the media attention on SB 5, the collective bargaining reform bill, it is easy to lose sight of other efforts being made by the Kasich Administration and Republican legislature to address to boost Ohio’s economy which many believe is the key to sustainable state budgets in the future.

A prime example is Senate Bill 2, also known as the Common Sense Initiative (CSI). The focus of this reform is to cut the red tape of state regulations that is impeding companies in Ohio, especially small businesses, from creating and retaining jobs.

This four page bill is the initiative of Lt. Governor Mary Taylor and was sponsored in the Ohio House of Representative by Reps. Kristina Roegner and Andy Thompson and in the State Senate by Sen. Jim Hughes. It was signed into law by Gov. Kasich on March 4.

At the bill signing ceremony on March 4, Lt. Gov. Taylor specifically invites businesses to contact her office regarding any state regulations they feel are a hindrance to economic growth.

The highlights of the CSI law include:

1. It establishes a CSI office in the office of the Lt. Governor to insure that all regulations formulated by state agencies pass a cost/benefit test. This applies not only to new regulations but also to all regulations that come up for their five year review.,

2. Creates a Small Business Advisory Council to provide a voice from the business community to government.

3. Requires each agency to develop customer service standards and to integrate those standards into the agency’s daily operation.

4. Allows the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review Regulations (JCRRR) to invalidate any proposed regulation that fails to show a regulatory benefit.

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