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Making Sense of the Labor Force Participation Rate

There are countless statistics and measures used to analyze the state of the economy.  One measure that has grown in popularity recently is the labor force participation rate (LFPR). The LFPR is the percentage of “working age persons” (between ages …

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Join Us for Jonah Goldberg and “The Tyranny of Cliches” on June 28

We are excited to announce that Jonah Goldberg will be coming to Columbus to discuss his latest book: The Tyranny of Cliches: How Liberals Cheat in the War of Ideas.

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Transparency is Key to Reform

The Buckeye Institute has been a leader in offering transparency to Ohio’s taxpayers when it comes to disclosing state employee, teacher, higher education, and some local government salaries.  While we are sometimes criticized for this, we feel strongly that it …

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Job growth focus should be on basics not preferential treatment

Far too often policy makers try to carve out special exemptions, target tax credits and regulatory policies & respond to unique circumstances rather than focus on keeping taxes and regulatory burdens low across all sectors and business.

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April Ohio by the Numbers Shows We Still Have a Long Way to Go

The April 2012 Ohio by the Numbers report is now available and it continues to reflect the serious challenges Ohio faces in recovering from decades of growth deficits. Ohio lost 6,300 private sector jobs in April; Ohio currently ranks 20th nationally in …

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Collective Bargaining Reform Can Save Jobs

Remember all the talk that the passage of Senate Bill 5 would lead to an apocalypse for public sector workers?  Well, what has happened in the absence of collective bargaining reform?  Large scale layoffs in school districts and local communities …

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The Spectrum All-Star Roundtable on “Fracking” and Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

The all-star roundtable discussed the environmental and tax issues surrounding oil and gas being debated at the Statehouse as well as drug testing welfare recipients.  You can watch below.

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