Union Power Play Looks to Harm Those With Low Income

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) has an average of 50,000 daily riders on its buses. For some, this is their only method of transportation. Without it, they will struggle to get to work, to get to their doctor’s office, and to see their families. But riders don’t pay union dues, so their concerns have been ignored as COTA workers authorized a strike that commenced today despite a tentative agreement being reached at the last minute.

This strike is a demonstration of why collective bargaining reforms are needed. COTA workers refused to contribute an additional one percent to their pension plans in exchange for a total 7 percent increase in wages over the next 3 years. For anyone who is unemployed or working in the private sector, such a rejection is mind-boggling.

If the union truly cared about the people they are hired to serve it is hard to see how they could defend a strike that will wreck havoc for so many.  Given the storms that have hammered the area and the impending Red, White & Boom event downtown, today’s strike is a bitter pill.

Without collective bargaining reform, however, unions are free to threaten strikes that harm citizens because they have very little to lose.  Unfortunately, the victims of such union power plays are disproportionately those without other accessible means of transportation, often those with lower incomes.

Watch the video below to get a flavor of the attitude of union leadership:

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2 comments on “Union Power Play Looks to Harm Those With Low Income

  1. Peter on said:

    If government unions, as they are now constituted, truly cared about the people they are hired to serve, then pigs would be flying.

    From the teachers to municipal employees to cops & firemen, those unions have a single aim, and it as union mine leader John L. Lewis infamously put it in the 1940s: “More, more, more.”

    What society needs is government officials who are willing to grab the public-sector unions by the throat and neuter them —- like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.

    And that’s it: A neutered public-sector union is a civilized one.

    A neutered public-sector union is not longer a threat to the common good.

    Neutering government unions is righteous policy.

    Neutered government unions would tend to make their members respectable citizens instead of being pseudo-outlaws who pillage the public treasury for their own selfish ends and privileges..

    So do it! Get out the snippers, Gov. Kasich.

  2. Bob Magee on said:

    Peter, pretty strong words there-severe stereotyping at it’s best.

    Certainly there are bad employees in public unions, just like in other professions.

    I don’t know what you do for a living, and perhaps it isn’t all that important for me to know. I am a fireman/paramedic & Union President, and I think your views focus on the bad apples in the workplace. Most union employees are just like non-union employees- they just want to go to work, earn a living, and go home to their families.

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