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Greg R. Lawson is the Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst with the Buckeye Institute

Ending the Mandatory Use of Project Labor Agreements Will Save Taxpayer Dollars

Ohio needs many different labor reforms.  Ending the mandatory use of labor agreements (PLAs) in public projects will save Ohio taxpayers money.  PLAs pick winners and losers. Among those losers are the millions of Ohio taxpayers, businesses, and non-union employees …

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Governor Kasich and Attorney General DeWine Fight Obama EPA Overreach

On August 28, 2015, Governor Kasich asked President Obama to delay the U.S. EPA’s Clean Power Plan that will surely cripple Ohio’s economy. Mr. Kasich’s letter to the White House followed Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s decision to join with …

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Nearly 11,000 New Local Government Jobs Undermine Doomy Predictions

You wouldn’t know it by reading headlines like “Starving Cities,” but local government employment is actually on an upswing in Ohio.   In fact, according to the latest job numbers released by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Ohio …

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Takeaway from State of State: Ohio Needs to Adhere to Sound Tax Principles

When DHL Express pulled out of Wilmington during the throes of the Great Recession in 2008, the Mayor said the city took a “gut punch.” That story is one of the big reasons Governor Kasich decided to take his annual …

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Kentucky Counties Look to Embrace Right to Work

Kentucky, or at least several counties in Kentucky, looks to join the ranks of economic freedom lovers that respect real employee fairness by becoming Right to Work. According to the Heritage Foundation’s James Sherk in the National Review, “The momentum …

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Labor Force Sees Biggest Increase of the Year, Private Sector Up 3,000 Jobs 

The latest Ohio By the Numbers report shows that Ohio’s private sector economy saw modest improvement in September, picking up 3,000 jobs. Meanwhile, the government sector also added 3,000 jobs. However, local governments lost 3,400 jobs in September, partially offsetting the large …

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Ohio Business Tax Climate Ranks Poorly in New Tax Foundation Study

With the release of the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s 2015 Business Tax Climate report, a massive spotlight is being shined on the imperative for further, major reform in Ohio. Unfortunately, what shows up under the glaring light at the moment is …

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