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Greg R. Lawson is the Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst with the Buckeye Institute

10 things the National Education Association supports that have nothing to do with education

The NEA doesn’t stand for Nuclear Education Association. And yet, supporting a nuclear freeze is one of many issues backed by the national union that has nothing to do with the betterment of teachers professionally. Its members should have the …

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What National Employee Freedom Week means for Ohio workers

Should people be forced, against their will, to reach into their own pockets and give money to a cause with which they disagree? This is a question that thousands of union members in Ohio are confronted with every year. And their ability …

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Taxpayers wronged by Wright State

The Buckeye Institute believes in accountable government. That includes spending tax dollars on their specified purpose. Along those lines, recent actions – or inactions for that matter – by Wright State are wrong. As described in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Wright State …

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Let customers choose their energy provider, not government

When renewable energy is fully ready for primetime, it should not be artificially kept off the electrical grid just to prop up older technology. However, neither should it be forced on the grid to displace more reliable, cost-effective technology. The …

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Free flow of information undercuts need for many regulations

A recent story articulates exactly why we need less, not more, government regulation. In particular, the author notes how taxicab regulations once made sense when consumers did not have adequate information about the quality and safety of prospective drivers. In today’s “Uberized” world, …

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The time for local governments to skinny up is now

The next biennial budget in Ohio has a billion-dollar hole in it thanks to the federal prohibition on a complex Medicaid financing scheme previously, and unwisely, embraced by Ohio. Local policymakers are also facing a fiscal challenge in light of …

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Government transparency grows in Ohio with online state budget

The Kasich Administration recently joined Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, and the Ohio Checkbook, at the forefront of public transparency. The Office of Budget and Management (OBM), which is responsible for creating and monitoring how Ohio spends billions of taxpayer dollars, …

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