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Constant Engagement is the Key to Moving Policy

Getting public policy right is a difficult challenge.  Even when everyone understands the need for change, the forces of the status quo win out.  All too often, it is simply easier to let inertia set in and not do the …

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Buckeye Institute Participating in Northwest Ohio Conference

The Buckeye Institute’s Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst, Greg R. Lawson will be participating in a series of panel discussions at the Northwest Ohio Conservative Conference. The event will be held on Saturday, May 19 at the Hilton Garden Inn …

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Buckeye Institute to Offer Session at Citizen Watchdog Event

The Buckeye Institute’s Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst, Greg  R. Lawson, will be participating in a Citizen Watchdog event in Westerville, Ohio on Saturday, May 12. The event is put together by the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity …

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Green Boondoggle in the State Constitution?

Regardless where you stand on the wisdom or economic feasibility of “green energy” history has taught us to beware government picking winners and losers and assuming that pouring money into an industry or technique is the path to growth. With …

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We the People: Founding Principles of Freedom

We the People is the citizen’s guide to understanding freedom. It is a project of the State Policy Network that aims to arm citizens with a deeper understanding of the roots of their liberty. We the People is series of educational stories about American founding principles, the Constitution, and economic freedom in the form of curriculum, videos, podcasts, and blog posts.

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Pictures from Statehouse Tea Party Rally

On Thursday morning, Matt Mayer spoke at a tea party rally at the Statehouse. His remarks focused on collective bargaining for public employees and big fixes that could get Ohio back on track. My favorite picture is the second one …

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