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EPA’s Clean Power Plan Will Hit Ohio’s Most Vulnerable the Hardest

A new report by Dr. Wayne Winegarden at the Pacific Research Institute strengthens the case for free energy markets and shows how government-mandated “green energy” policies deliver unintended consequences. Dr. Winegarden finds that while the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will …

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Labor Force Nearly Repeats Last Month’s Record Gain, Private Sector Added 8,400 Jobs

The latest Ohio by the Numbers report (now available on The Buckeye Institute’s website) shows that Ohio’s economy gained 1,000 non-farm jobs during October.  The addition of 8,400 private sector jobs more than offset the loss of 7,400 jobs in the government sector. Ohio’s unemployment …

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Labor Force Sees Biggest Increase of the Year, Private Sector Up 3,000 Jobs 

The latest Ohio By the Numbers report shows that Ohio’s private sector economy saw modest improvement in September, picking up 3,000 jobs. Meanwhile, the government sector also added 3,000 jobs. However, local governments lost 3,400 jobs in September, partially offsetting the large …

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Keeping our Talents in Ohio

Four years after Lebron James famously “took his talents to South Beach”, he decided to bring them back to Ohio. In his essay announcing his decision, he said “Our community, which has struggled so much, needs all the talent it …

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Revenue Sharing Reform: On the Road to Ohio’s Recovery

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions announces the release of a new report, Revenue Sharing Reform: On the Road to Ohio’s Recovery. The report shows that reductions in state spending on local government revenue sharing plans have not endangered …

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Has Ohio Lost its Labor Force Edge?

On Friday August 1, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its national jobs numbers for July. The report contained a familiar narrative: a modest increase in total employment and a slowly declining unemployment rate. However, because the unemployment rate …

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Buckeye Institute Talks Current Tax Reforms and Need for More

Our Greg R. Lawson was on the past episode of the State of Ohio with host Karen Kasler and guest Dale Butland from Innovation Ohio discussing recent Ohio tax reforms.   The full video is below.

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