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The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson Testified on Energy Mandates, Government Transparency

On Wednesday, February 12, The Buckeye Institute’s Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst—Greg R. Lawson—offered interested party testimony to the Ohio Senate Public Utilities Committee regarding Senate Bill 34.  This bill, sponsored by Sen. Kris Jordan (R- Ostrander) would repeal Ohio’s …

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More Discussion on Budget on State of Ohio

Here is part 2 of our Greg R. Lawson’s discussion of the state budget with Karen Kasler of the Statehouse News Bureau and Jon Honeck of the Center for Community Solutions.  

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Ohio Can Help US Redraw World Energy Map IF Regs Don’t Stand in the Way

The US stands on the cusp of potentially changing the world’s energy map according to the International Energy Agency, and within the US Ohio should become a leader.  This is largely due to the shale gas boom that everyone is …

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November Surprise: EPA to Take a Big Whack at Coal After the Election?

This post over at the Washington Examiner should send shivers down the spines of those worried about jobs in the Buckeye State.  With coal powering well over 80 percent of Ohio, both homes and businesses, anything that drives coal down …

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Buckeye Institute Joins Panel Discussion on Shale Development

The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson recently participated in a panel discussion at Ohio Northern University regarding the potential Ohio shale gas boom and its implications economically and environmentally. Other speakers including an Ohio Northern professor and representatives from the …

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Governor Kasich’s difficult balancing act on energy and taxes

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, but Kasich appears to be proposing a system that holds harmless, or actually lowers taxes, both small energy producers and small businesses while broadening the tax base for larger companies, helping local communities and taking steps toward lowering the income tax.

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Friday Fun: Environmental Groups Singing from Different Hymn Books?

The Sierra Club, Ohio Environmental Council, National Wildlife Federation, Solar Energy Industries Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environment Ohio, Environmental Law & Policy Center, Buckeye Forest Council and others are on the same page, but its probably a different page …

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