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States With No Income Tax Booming Economically While Ohio Plays Catch-Up

Taxes are as inevitable as death.  Yet, in nine states (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming), residents are not paying a dime in income taxes on their wages.  And, contrary to the howls of …

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It is Still Time for Caution in State Spending

Ohio policymakers need to proceed with caution when it comes to spending, even when it comes to expanding a politically popular program such as the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP).  What looks good today as we climb out of the …

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New Medicaid Study Shows Expansion Likely Will Cost More than Advertised

President Obama in 2009 said: [O]ne of the areas where we can potentially see some saving is a lot of those patients are being seen in the emergency room anyway, and if we are increasing prevention, if we are increasing …

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New Report: Parks 2.0: How Public-Private Partnerships Can Help State Parks

A new report, jointly released by the Buckeye Institute and the Reason Foundation, outlines how public-private partnerships (PPPs) are one promising solution that would invite the private sector to play a bigger role in keeping state parks open without imposing additional burdens …

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Columbus School Levy, Part I: Putting the Cart Before the Horse

On November 5, 2013, Columbus voters will consider an additional levy of 9.01 mills to fund Columbus city schools.  For the Columbus taxpayer, this levy will add around $315 in new tax burden for every $100,000 of residential property value.  This tax …

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Ohio Pensions Aren’t Like Detroit, But More Reform Needed

As Detroit facing bankruptcy, many public employees are nervously waiting to see what exactly will happen to their generous pensions.  After all, the Motor City simply can’t pay them and, unfortunately for those workers, they were lied to for years …

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Buckeye Institute on WBNS 10TV: Is there a Need for August Elections?

Our Greg R. Lawson was on WBNS 10TV yesterday talking about the need (or lack thereof) for August special elections in Ohio.    

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