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The Buckeye Institute’s CEO Robert Alt: Worker freedom not death knell for public sector unions

Should government workers be forced to pay fees to a union they didn’t join to subsidize policies with which they disagree? On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a potentially landmark First Amendment case: Friedrichs v. …

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The Buckeye Institute’s Bill Batchelder testifies before U.S. Senate

Former Ohio House Speaker Bill Batchelder, now a fellow at The Buckeye Institute’s Economic Research Center, testifies to Congress today about the advantages of legislatures budgeting for two years at a time rather than just one. Ohio has done biennial …

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2015 Piglet Book Proposes $2.6 Billion in Savings

With the Senate budget looming on the horizon, it is time to consider how to make Ohio fiscally responsible. In that spirit, The Buckeye Institute released its 2015 Ohio Piglet Book, detailing close to $2.6 billion in wasteful and excessive …

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The Buckeye Institute Supports Healthcare Solutions Week

The week of October 13 is Healthcare Solutions Week, a collaborative campaign to examine new healthcare reform ideas. Along with our partners, we are promoting the central purpose of the campaign. As Healthcare Solutions Week organizers noted: “For too long, …

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Toledo debate reveals problem with public sector compensation

Contrary to those who defend the status quo, a more dynamic and flexible public sector compensation and management system is better for both public sector workers and taxpayers

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Getting a Grip on Compensation Remains Key to Avoiding the Ballot

Dublin schools are seeking a levy on the ballot this November. New Albany-Plain and Worthington are also considering adding levies. It’s interesting that the levies are being timed to coincide with the presidential election – when turnout is relatively high …

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Budget Winter Hits Stockton California

The calendar may read June, but a budgetary winter is coming for the grasshoppers of Stockton, California. Stockon, required by law to provide a budget on July 1, now must turn to creditors hat in hand in order to help …

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