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The Buckeye Institute Supports Healthcare Solutions Week

The week of October 13 is Healthcare Solutions Week, a collaborative campaign to examine new healthcare reform ideas. Along with our partners, we are promoting the central purpose of the campaign. As Healthcare Solutions Week organizers noted: “For too long, …

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Toledo debate reveals problem with public sector compensation

Contrary to those who defend the status quo, a more dynamic and flexible public sector compensation and management system is better for both public sector workers and taxpayers

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Getting a Grip on Compensation Remains Key to Avoiding the Ballot

Dublin schools are seeking a levy on the ballot this November. New Albany-Plain and Worthington are also considering adding levies. It’s interesting that the levies are being timed to coincide with the presidential election – when turnout is relatively high …

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Budget Winter Hits Stockton California

The calendar may read June, but a budgetary winter is coming for the grasshoppers of Stockton, California. Stockon, required by law to provide a budget on July 1, now must turn to creditors hat in hand in order to help …

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Cincinnati Enquirer is Right: No Time for a Tax Hike

Looking to the taxpayers for more is not the answer. Many households, like city government, have been forced to live with less income, either through job loss or pay cuts. To deal with that, they’ve had either to go into debt or to cut expenses.

Going deeper into debt is not an option at City Hall. It’s time to get very serious about cutting expenses.

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What do the Wisconsin results mean for Ohio?

This is a question a lot of people are asking themselves in light of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s strong victory in the recall election Tuesday night. I offered some thoughts and reactions for ABC 6/Fox 28 here in Columbus yesterday …

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Collective Bargaining Reform Can Save Jobs

Remember all the talk that the passage of Senate Bill 5 would lead to an apocalypse for public sector workers?  Well, what has happened in the absence of collective bargaining reform?  Large scale layoffs in school districts and local communities …

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