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Lame Duck Legislation, Not Necessarily Fishy or Fowl

Columbus is currently abuzz with the “lame duck.”  By all accounts, the origin of the phrase “lame duck” is 18th century London.  It referred to, quite literally, a duck who could not keep up with the rest of the ducks in …

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More Must be Done for Real Municipal Income Tax Reform

Forty of the fifty states have NO municipal income tax. Not only is Ohio saddled with a municipal income tax, but ours is among the “most complicated, absurd, and punitive” local tax system in the nation, according to numerous experts. As Ohio’s …

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Ohio Business Tax Climate Ranks Poorly in New Tax Foundation Study

With the release of the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s 2015 Business Tax Climate report, a massive spotlight is being shined on the imperative for further, major reform in Ohio. Unfortunately, what shows up under the glaring light at the moment is …

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Keeping our Talents in Ohio

Four years after Lebron James famously “took his talents to South Beach”, he decided to bring them back to Ohio. In his essay announcing his decision, he said “Our community, which has struggled so much, needs all the talent it …

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Number of New School Operating Levies Lower than Past Highs

Some big government advocates claim that reductions in state education funds have caused an increase in the number of local levies for new school operational funds over the past four years. Janetta King, president of left-leaning Innovation Ohio, has argued …

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Buckeye Institute Talks Current Tax Reforms and Need for More

Our Greg R. Lawson was on the past episode of the State of Ohio with host Karen Kasler and guest Dale Butland from Innovation Ohio discussing recent Ohio tax reforms.   The full video is below.

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Local Governments Recovering Despite Supposedly Brutal Cuts

The cost of local government is a critical issue for Ohio’s future economic growth.  As The Buckeye Institute described in our 2011 Joining Forces report, Ohio has the seventh highest number of municipalities (938) and townships (1,308) in the nation …

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