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States With No Income Tax Booming Economically While Ohio Plays Catch-Up

Taxes are as inevitable as death.  Yet, in nine states (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming), residents are not paying a dime in income taxes on their wages.  And, contrary to the howls of …

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Talking Tax Cuts on the Eve of the Mid-Biennial Review

Our Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst, Greg R. Lawson, was on the State of Ohio with Karen Kasler this past Friday along with Jon Honeck from the Center for Community Solutions.  They discussed the upcoming Mid-Biennial review bill to be …

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Stop Being Obsessed With “Income Inequality” and Get Obsessed With Creating Jobs

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the issue of income inequality.  In a Gallup poll released on February 17, 23% of Americans listed “Unemployment/Jobs” as the number one problem facing the country.  Despite insistence by the Obama …

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School Levy Tool Kit for Tax Payers

The Buckeye Institute is pleased to announce the update of our Ohio Teacher Salary database for fiscal year 2013, as part of our commitment to government transparency.  Included in this database are the gross salaries, hours worked per day, days …

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Buckeye Institute 2013 Fall Lecture Series

All events in this lecture series are free of charge, and registration is simple! Look below for our full list of events and details coming this Fall! Fall Lecture Series Events Thursday, October 10, 11:30am: Worse Than You Think: A Luncheon Discussion of …

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Buckeye Institute on WBNS 10TV: Is there a Need for August Elections?

Our Greg R. Lawson was on WBNS 10TV yesterday talking about the need (or lack thereof) for August special elections in Ohio.    

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Buckeye Discusses Budget on State of Ohio News Program

Our Greg R. Lawson discussed taxes and other policy changes contained in the new biennial budget last week with the Center for Community Solutions’ Jon Honeck and Karen Kasler of the Statehouse News Bureau.    

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