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Low Turnout and Bribery?

Check out our President Robert Alt’s  latest blog over at the National Review’s Battleground Ohio blog.  Check out the main points, “…But there are concerns that Democrats may have used Jay-Z and Springsteen not to just fill seats in the …

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Could Ohio be 2012’s “Florida?” John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky on Voter Fraud

This is a must read follow up to the conversation from earlier in the week between our President, Robert Alt, and the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky regarding whether Ohio will suffer the same in 2012 that Florida did in 2000. …

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Battleground Ohio: Voter ID Laws and the 2012 Election

The Buckeye Institute’s President, Robert Alt, is a regular contributor to the very popular Corner blog over at the National Review.  Given the importance of Ohio in the 2012 Presidential Election, Robert has been asked to contribute to a special …

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