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The Push to Expand Medicaid Ignores Reality of Poor Care

Put aside for the moment the budget questions (which are significant). What is getting lost in this debate is the fact that Medicaid is not quality care. What is being promoted is not lowering the cost of access to care but pushing people into a broken system that provides low quality care.

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Tax Reform NOW!

On July 13, the Columbus Dispatch ran a story that should frustrate every single Ohioan. As the ongoing debate continues over the Kasich Administration proposal to restructure the severance tax – increasing rates for some – an even larger issue …

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Fiscal Restraint and Local Government Reform Needed, Not More Spending

Today’s Editorial from the Columbus Dispatch gets it exactly right when it comes to spending and the rainy day fund. ┬áThe Dispatch notes that the issue is a matter of basic fiscal prudence and responsibility: The Government Finance Officers Association …

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Ohio’s Pension Choice: Status Quo or Real Reform?

“The question Ohio faces on pension reform is simple: Do we want to continue to avoid difficult issues in the hope that a devastating crisis never comes, or do we want to act now to reform the system before a crisis can develop?”

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