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Unfunded Liabilities Undermine Budget Progress

Ohio’s new budget is a step in the right direction, but without pension reform this progress will be for nothing. A recent index of state budget solvency from the Mercatus Center provides a stark illustration of the need for reform. …

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Taxpayers Reject Numerous School Levies

Of 192 total school levies on the ballot Tuesday, 87 were rejected.  While more than half of all levies passed, Damon Asbury of the Ohio School Boards Association indicated only 37 percent of the 122 levies asking for new dollars …

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Toledo debate reveals problem with public sector compensation

Contrary to those who defend the status quo, a more dynamic and flexible public sector compensation and management system is better for both public sector workers and taxpayers

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Want to Save Teacher Jobs?  Look at the Compensation!

Early last year we released a fascinating report showing how many school districts could go from projecting multi-million dollar budget deficits to surpluses without necessarily eliminating large numbers of jobs. How?  Compensation reform. This kind of discussion might help ease the pain …

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Success and Failure at Public Worker Compensation Reform- Ohio vs Wisconsin 

This Wall Street Journal piece on falling Wisconsin property tax bills shows what can happen when real reform in government sector compensation is addressed, particularly collective bargaining.  From the article, “On Monday Mr. Walker’s office released new data that show …

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A State Worker Bill of Rights in California?

A legislator in California is actually proposing legislation that would create a “state worker bill of rights.” According to Stateline, “It may not seem as though a “Public Employees’ Bill of Rights” is an idea whose time has come in …

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Hey, Isn’t Sick Leave for People Who Need It?

Who in the private sector gets to use their accumulated sick pay as part of their retirement?  Who in the private sector can cash out weeks of sick leave for tens of thousands of dollars? While this is practically unheard …

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