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Putting money in your pocket: New study finds consumers benefit from shale gas boom

A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research underscores the economic benefits of shale drilling and strengthens the case against Governor Kasich’s proposed severance tax increase.  Imposing such a high severance tax on shale gas drilling would curtail …

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Buckeye Institute Joins Panel Discussion on Shale Development

The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson recently participated in a panel discussion at Ohio Northern University regarding the potential Ohio shale gas boom and its implications economically and environmentally. Other speakers including an Ohio Northern professor and representatives from the …

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The Spectrum All-Star Roundtable on “Fracking” and Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

The all-star roundtable discussed the environmental and tax issues surrounding oil and gas being debated at the Statehouse as well as drug testing welfare recipients.  You can watch below.

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Governor Kasich’s difficult balancing act on energy and taxes

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, but Kasich appears to be proposing a system that holds harmless, or actually lowers taxes, both small energy producers and small businesses while broadening the tax base for larger companies, helping local communities and taking steps toward lowering the income tax.

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