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New Medicaid Study Shows Expansion Likely Will Cost More than Advertised

President Obama in 2009 said: [O]ne of the areas where we can potentially see some saving is a lot of those patients are being seen in the emergency room anyway, and if we are increasing prevention, if we are increasing …

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Buckeye President Robert Alt Explains Why Medicaid Expansion is Bad Idea on State of Ohio

Our President, Robert Alt, appears on the State of the State with Karen Kasler throughout the state this week.  He is joined by the spokesperson for Healthy Ohioans Work, the campaign seeking to expand Medicaid in Ohio.  In the interview, …

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New BLS Data Shows Why Medicaid Expansion is Terrible Idea for Jobs

The latest job numbers for Ohio should give policymakers considering Medicaid expansion reason to pause, at least if they want to keep creating jobs and getting Ohioans employed. While Ohio gained 5,300 private sector jobs in July, the labor force …

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By Increasing Dependency, Medicaid Expansion Fails Compassion Test

Medicaid expansion advocates frequently appeal to our compassion.  But is expanding Medicaid really compassionate?  A recent study on employment rates suggests that rather than leading to positive results for recipients, Medicaid expansion could trap hundreds of thousands of new recipients …

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Florida Medicaid Expansion Alternative Shows a Different Path for Ohio

Obamacare was billed as a comprehensive healthcare solution for the poor and the uninsured—a goal that it sought to accomplish largely by forcing states to expand Medicaid coverage to these groups. However, as the Buckeye Institute has argued for months, …

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Obamacare’s Dirty Dozen Implementation Failures

For those pursuing Medicaid expansion, they should consider the many problems already being encountered as the Federal government attempts to roll out various pieces of Obamacare.  The Heritage Foundation just ran a blog on the “Dirty Dozen” implementation failures and …

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More Discussion on Budget on State of Ohio

Here is part 2 of our Greg R. Lawson’s discussion of the state budget with Karen Kasler of the Statehouse News Bureau and Jon Honeck of the Center for Community Solutions.  

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