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Ohio Prevailing Wage Costs Taxpayers, More Reform Needed

The Buckeye Institute has long questioned the value brought to Ohio taxpayers by Ohio’s prevailing wage law.  As far back as 1996, we were making the case that a law that forces a state or local government to pay above-market …

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Akron Beacon Journal Refuses to Connect the Dots on Health Care

One of the more frustrating aspects of the debate surrounding health care is the unwillingness of so many to question wether something as incredibly complex and interconnected as the US health care system should be managed from Washington, DC. Despite …

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Private-Public Partnerships, Job Growth and Reform

Buckeye president Kevin Holtsberry, was on WSPD 1370 with Brian Wilson discussing the new report Ten Myths and Facts on Transportation Public-Private Partnerships.  Kevin also discussed the latest Ohio By the Numbers as well as the larger issue of what reforms …

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Case Study in the Need for Collective Bargaining Reform: Massillon

Massillon Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry recently made a difficult budgetary decision to layoff ten firefighters and nine police officers. The Police Union appealed to the Massillon Civil Service Commission to have the cuts overturned. The Union’s appeal was denied.  The Police …

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Pension Reforms Can Help Employment Flexibility

In calling for fundamental pensions reform Buckeye has argued that only a shift from defined benefit plans to defined contribution, or hybrid, plans must be considered if Ohio is to move beyond the old, “Blue Model” of organization that no …

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Ohio’s Pension Choice: Status Quo or Real Reform?

“The question Ohio faces on pension reform is simple: Do we want to continue to avoid difficult issues in the hope that a devastating crisis never comes, or do we want to act now to reform the system before a crisis can develop?”

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Success and Failure at Public Worker Compensation Reform- Ohio vs Wisconsin 

This Wall Street Journal piece on falling Wisconsin property tax bills shows what can happen when real reform in government sector compensation is addressed, particularly collective bargaining.  From the article, “On Monday Mr. Walker’s office released new data that show …

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