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An Idea Whose Time Has Come: ShareOhio

Ohioans owe Auditor of State Dave Yost and his staff a round of applause for a new online innovation.  The Auditor of State (AOS) staff is going to implement an innovative web-based system to facilitate the sharing of equipment, personnel …

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Schools Look to Share Services

As outlined in our Joining Forces report last year, local government issues are quickly becoming critical to the future of Ohio.  An inability to control burgeoning taxes at the local level will counter-act even the best of intentions that may …

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Saving Local Dollars by “Joining Forces” and Moving “Beyond the Boundaries”

Local governments throughout the state have felt the pinch of tightening budgets. Among some of the creative proposals under consideration for solving long-term budget woes is strategic consolidation of government services. An op-ed piece in the Youngstown Vindicator recently hailed …

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Joining Forces and Sharing Services are Keys to Local Government Reform

Last year the Buckeye Institute issued our Joining Forces report. It outlined ways local governments could share services­–and even consolidate–in order to improve the delivery of services. While some of the cautions included in the report still need to be grappled with, most importantly the continued need for collective bargaining reform, local government reform is increasingly the focus for policy makers in Columbus.

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Joining Forces Concept Catching On

Integrating government entities and sharing services is becoming more popular.  The Buckeye Institute painted a picture last year with our Joining Forces report on how cooperative relationships could save real taxpayer dollars. This message is catching on, even in places …

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Joining Forces Gathers Steam

It may seem like we are talking an awful lot about consolidation and sharing of services here at the Buckeye Institute.  We are doing this because that is rapidly becoming one of the hottest topics of conversation throughout the state. …

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