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If There is a Post-ObamaCare World, What Comes Next?

In the coming days, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to announce a landmark decision that will ultimately decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act–President Obama’s health care reform package. Many legal scholars believe the law is in danger …

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Focus on fiscal discipline and reform, not a return to spending 

The Ohio Senate made a good move last week.  It removed a provision from one of Gov. Kasich’s “Mid-Biennium Review” bills, House Bill 487, that had been inserted by the Ohio House. That provision would have forced the General Assembly …

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Massillon City Budget: A Tale of False Choices

Putting together, and sticking to, a budget is no easy task.  And with the economic downturn and rising costs city budgets are tougher than ever.  But offering false choices makes the task harder not easier in the long run.  The …

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