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The Machine: The Truth Behind Teachers Unions

America’s public education system is failing. We’re spending more money on education but not getting better results for our children. That’s because the machine that runs the K-12 education system isn’t designed to produce better schools. It’s designed to produce more money for unions and more donations for politicians. Watch the video.

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The Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court

Buckeye Institute president Kevin Holtsberry was on NBC 4’s The Spectrum with Colleen Marshall this weekend discussing oral arguments before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Watch below (roundtable starts at 8:37)

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The Clarion Call of Economic Freedom

Sometimes public policy debates can seem boring and stale to the average person on the street that simply wants to make a good living for themselves and their family.  However, the consequences of not getting public policy right can prevent the …

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Kevin Holtsberry on The Spectrum with Colleen Marshall

Buckeye President Kevin Holtsberry was on The Spectrum with Colleen Marshall this weekend discussing the US Senate campaign and whether social issues will a focus in 2012. Watch here.

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We the People: Founding Principles of Freedom

We the People is the citizen’s guide to understanding freedom. It is a project of the State Policy Network that aims to arm citizens with a deeper understanding of the roots of their liberty. We the People is series of educational stories about American founding principles, the Constitution, and economic freedom in the form of curriculum, videos, podcasts, and blog posts.

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